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Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors

Department of Professional Licensing
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 335.500 Definitions for KRS 335.500 to 335.599.
KRS 335.505 Prohibition against unlicensed practice of professional counseling--No limitation on activities of specified services providers.
KRS 335.510 Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
KRS 335.515 Powers and duties of board.
KRS 335.520 Disposition of fees and other moneys.
KRS 335.525 Licensing Requirements--Fees
KRS 335.527 Licensing reciprocity requirements--Exemptions
KRS 335.535 Renewal of credentials--Fees--Reinstatement
KRS 335.540 Standards of conduct--Disciplinary sanctions--Reinstatement
KRS 335.545 Hearing before sanctions.
KRS 335.550 Appeal of disciplinary action.
KRS 335.599 Penalties